How to Use

The MoneySafe card is a reloadable, instant issue Prepaid MasterCard® card. It pretty much works like any other MasterCard card but being prepaid means that you cannot spend more money than those you have available on your card.

You can use the MoneySafe MasterCard at any retail store, over the internet and at ATMs worldwide wherever MasterCard card is accepted.

Activate you card fast and easy via the Online Web Activation and you are ready to use your new MoneySafe MasterCard.

Shopping with your MoneySafe MasterCard® is safe and secure. On top of that your bank account details and personal data are protected from theft since they are not connected with your card.

The prepaid function is one of the safest ways to perform online shopping. Being prepaid means that you cannot spend more than the funds you have loaded and have available on your card.

This way you are in control, you can avoid overspending and at the same time be able to check your purchases by logging into your online account.

With your prepaid MoneySafe MasterCard® you can shop online safely wherever the MasterCard Acceptance Mark is displayed.

Your personal information from your bank account or credit cards remains safe and protected. Your purchases are only shown on your online account and you will never receive a statement with your purchases at your address.

Of course the MoneySafe card can be used to make purchases on ebay, amazon, apple App Store, iTunes store, google play store, facebook and you can also connect it with your PayPal account.
*For cardholders residing in Greece ATM withdrawals are prohibited

Whether you are a college student in your country or abroad the MoneySafe Card can be a useful tool to make your purchases.

It is safer than carrying cash and can be loaded instantly via SMS or logging into your web account access.

You can share funds with your college buddies if they own a prepaid MoneySafe MasterCard® as well.

You can use your MoneySafe MasterCard® to manage your holiday or business trips,
Preload the card with the amount you would like to have available in order to keep your budget under control. You also do not need to have your money exchanged to the local currency.

MoneySafe MasterCard wishes you have a great trip.